Weekend Getaway

Posted on 28 April 2017

Warmer weather, lighter evenings and the promise that summer is just around the corner; Spring seems like the perfect season for a weekend getaway. However, the unpredictable weather means that it can be a tricky time of year to pack for. Will it rain? Will it be warm? It really depends on the destination and what activities you’ll be doing; we can’t tell you exactly what you’ll need to pack, but we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks you may want to consider.
Make a List
There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination to realise that you’ve forgotten to bring your phone charger. The number one tip we recommend when packing for a trip is to write a list of everything you need to bring before you start packing. Think about your morning routine; what toiletries will you need to pack in your washbag? What clothes do you usually put on? What devices are you going to take – camera, tablet, phone? How are you going to charge them? It’s all pretty basic stuff, but going through each factor step by step means that you’re less likely to forget anything.
The Essentials
These are the things you can’t forget – socks, underwear, a well-stocked washbag and of course an Asquith & Fox® polo shirt!
Key Accessories
Accessories are probably the easiest thing to forget, but if you still want to look stylish whilst you’re away they’re a necessity. A classic watch or a pair of aviator sunglasses can do wonders to transform your image. If there’s a chance it may rain which, if you’re destination doesn’t involve leaving the country, chances are probable, make sure to pack a waterproof jacket to keep your Asquith & Fox® polo looking sharp throughout the showers.
Be Versatile
Arguably, the biggest struggle faced when trying to pack your weekend bag is lack of space. You have to be strict with what you need to bring and what you actually don’t. Being versatile with your clothing is a necessity. You won’t have space to pack a new outfit for every single occasion which is why you should bring a few key items which can be worn in numerous settings. For example; a pair of Asquith & Fox® chinos and matching polo that can be dressed down with a bomber and trainers, or smartened up with a blazer and loafers. To save on space, you only really need to bring two pairs of shoes; we suggest a pair of trainers to travel in and a pair of smarter shoes for the evening - but make sure that both pairs match your outfit choices!
Coordinate Your Look
The best thing to do when packing for a short trip is to ensure that your clothing coordinates. Stay clear of bold, daring prints that will clash. Instead, stick to a colour palette that will coincide well together. To help, Asquith & Fox® have created a collection of garments from slim fit chinos to twin tipped polos that you can mix and match to change up your look throughout the weekend, without having to pack your whole wardrobe!
Pack Efficiently
How you pack your bag is certainly something you need to take in to consideration. Rolling your polo shirts rather than folding them surprisingly saves on space and ensures a crease free appearance. Additionally, try packing smaller essentials such as socks and underwear inside your shoes to really make the most of the empty space.
Spares are a Must
It’s very easy to over pack a bag, but if you’re clever and follow the previous steps you should have a bit of extra room in your bag for a spare polo shirt or pair of socks, you know, just in case of the unlikely event that you spill ketchup down your top or step in a puddle!
Happy packing!

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